News: New Datacenters (Italy and Poland)

Published: 01/02/2023

We are performing migration of services in the following locations.

Poland: We are moving from Eastern Poland location in Olsztyn to West Poland location. It will create lower level latency for our European customers. The location will have a mix of TATA, Cogent, Level3, HE.Net and RETN upsteams.

Italy: We are migrating to a more stable datacenter geographically between Milan and Rome, closer to Milan. We are upgrating network equipment and server hardware in the process. You will notice a reboot in Italy location as services are migrated.

The migration in both locations in set to start February 10th, 2023 and to be completed Februaty 20th, 2023. There will be small downtime as we physically migrate systems from one datacenter to another.